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21. Exploring Subnational Constitutionalism: A Special Issue
(Giacomo Delledonne - Giuseppe Martinico/Essay)
... Ethiopia, and Macao). Other pieces, instead, consider the phenomenon from a comparative perspective, focusing on the external relations of subnational polities, the distinctive aspects of legislatures ...
... legal formulas (hard law or soft law), it intends to analyse the key features of a singular and interesting model of citizen participation using the Spanish and Italian experiences as the main focus of ...
... attempts of building typologies. Focusing on the essential dimension of the strength of the demands regarding the preferred state structure and the future of their region, we will suggest a renewed typology ...
24. Policy
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... is processed,  using automated tools, for the time strictly required to achieve the aims for which it was collected.  Specific security measures are observed to prevent loss, illicit or improper use and ...
25. Accessibility
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... placing them in a way as to facilitate their filling out for people using helping technologies. Different browsers check Pages of this website ...
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