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This article reviews the new approaches to citizen participation introduced by the statutes of autonomy reformed from 2006 onwards. The reform process included the introduction of participatory values ...
After the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights has found a place among the formal sources of EU law, and has become a standard of review for the validity ...
... many CAs are currently exploring the possibility to amend their basic charters. This short review article aims at providing a brief overview of the recent developments in this field occurred in Spain ...
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... process (article proposal, peer review phase, author revision, linguistic revision, author final revision) is managed by the editorial coordinator.    Editors Roberto Castaldi Associate Professor ...
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... Federalism has set up a strongly interdisciplinary scientific committee. The members of the Scientific Committee constitute a privileged pool of peer reviewers at disposal of the journal with regards to ...
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These are the Review articles recently published on Perspectives on Federalism.  ...
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The following are the latest essays, review articles and notes published on Perspectives on Federalism, which will be collected in next issue. You can download also previous issues from the archive.  ...
... of this review article: 1. The Constitution for Europe and the constitutional moment; 2. The Constitutional Treaty and the innovations “proposed”; 3. The European Court of Justice’s activism; 4. The ...
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Perspectives on Federalism web-site is updated as soon as new contributions are approved by reviewers and revised by the authors. They are then collected into three issues a year. You can freely download ...
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Perspectives on Federalism   Edited by the Centre for Studies on Federalism   Perspectives on Federalism is an Open Access peer-reviewed journal, promoted by the Centre for Studies on Federalism. This ...
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Perspectives on Federalism is committed to ensuring the quality of articles. To this aim it expects Authors, Editors, and Reviewers to conform to international publishing standards of ethical behaviour. ...
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