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This paper aims to analyze comparatively EU’s, China’s and India’s diverging designs for the governance of Africa. The paper addresses one fundamental research question: to what extent do the Chinese ...
22. Editorial Board
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Perspectives on Federalism editorial board exploits at best the new technological features available for a dispersed team to work together as an interdisciplinary research group.  Perspectives on Federalism ...
23. Support CSF
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As many associations whose main mission is scientific research, the Center for Studies on Federalism too - absolutely safeguarding its scientific autonomy and freedom - takes advantage of grants provided ...
24. Essays
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These are the Essays or original research articles recently published on Perspectives on Federalism.  ...
... I also try to develop possible explanations for this phenomenon. This research can make a contribution in an almost unexplored field of the literature and it can also tell us more about how core principles ...
26. Ethical Guidelines
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... review cannot therefore be used for personal advantage. Reviews should be conducted in depth, providing comments and suggestions to help authors improve their researches and their papers. Referee shall ...
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