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21. Notes
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These are the short Notes recently published on Perspectives on Federalism.  ...
22. Essays
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These are the Essays or original research articles recently published on Perspectives on Federalism.  ...
23. Credits
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© Centro Studi sul Federalismo 2009 Perspectives on federalism is published by Piazza Vincenzo Arbarello 8 10122 Torino - Italy Tel. + 39 011.6705024 Fax + 39 011.6705081 www.csfederalismo.it  ...
24. Articles
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The following are the latest essays, review articles and notes published on Perspectives on Federalism, which will be collected in next issue. You can download also previous issues from the archive.  ...
25. Archives
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Perspectives on Federalism web-site is updated as soon as new contributions are approved by reviewers and revised by the authors. They are then collected into three issues a year. You can freely download ...
26. About the journal
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Perspectives on Federalism   Edited by the Centre for Studies on Federalism   Perspectives on Federalism is an Open Access peer-reviewed journal, promoted by the Centre for Studies on Federalism. This ...
27. Ethical Guidelines
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Perspectives on Federalism is committed to ensuring the quality of articles. To this aim it expects Authors, Editors, and Reviewers to conform to international publishing standards of ethical behaviour. ...
28. Roberto Castaldi
Editorial Coordinator Perspectives on Federalism ...
29. Paola Bilancia
Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Milan Member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Studies on Federalism, Turin Member of the Scientific Committee of Perspectives on Federalism  ...
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