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In the series Neither Victims Nor Executioners (1946) the Franco-Algerian writer Albert Camus argued for the need of a relative utopia that would allow man, who refused the logic of murder and violence, ...
 Call for papers on methodological nationalism and cosmopolitanism in social sciences. Deadline October 31th 2011.   Federalist author from Lionel Robbins to Ludwig Dehio, Emery Reves and Mario Albertini ...
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... Global Governance), Centro Studi sul Federalismo, Torino Francesco Costamagna Associate Professor of European Union Law, University of Turin; Affiliate of Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino Olimpia Fontana Research ...
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... the different academic disciplines of the articles sumbitted for publication.   Scientific Committee:  Richard Albert University of Texas Filippo Andreatta University of Bologna Paola Bilancia University ...
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... Hours Monday - Friday 09.00 / 17.00 Il Centro Studi sul Federalismo è ospitato fin dalla sua fondazione, nel 2000,  nella sede de Collegio Carlo Alberto (gestito dalla Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto*), ...
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