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... “Autonomous Communities”. However, the practical difficulties of determining the scope of legislative competences within such a shared logic are a permanent source of intergovernmental and constitutional ...
2. The Euro-Area Crisis: A First Legal Analysis
(Giuseppe Martinico/Review article)
... treaties; 2.    enhanced cooperation: 3.    the conclusion of an international agreement. In this brief note, I am going to stress both the negative and the positive aspects of these options, trying ...
3. Policy
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... http://www.on-federalism.eu    The informative notice is issued solely for the website in question and not for other websites which might be visited by the user via links. The informative notice is ...
4. Ethical Guidelines
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... approve have  the final version of the paper before publication. Review articles should be comprehensive and accurate accounts of the state of the art. Editors: Editors commit to evaluate manuscripts ...
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