Giacomo Delledonne

I am writing these lines amid challenging times. The last few months have been dominated by the Covid-19 crisis. Sadly, the further evolution of this crisis is impossible to predict. As things stand, Covid-19 has deeply affected the world in which we live. This has already led scholars in law, economics and political science to enquire into the impact of the health crisis. In many jurisdictions, the handling of Covid-19 has revived the age-old discussion about states of emergency and the ability of constitutional law to provide appropriate instruments for addr [...]

Giovanni Finizio

This article provides a historical reconstrction of the normative dimension (principles, norms, values) of EU-ASEAN relations, with particular reference to the EU’s inclination and attempts to make them an instrument for the diffusion of democracy, human rights and the European model of regional integration in Southeast Asia. Taking into consideration the normative interaction between the two organizations, fueled by particular breaches of democratic principles in Southeast Asia such as the Myanmar case, we focus on the dynamics of construction and de-construction of the EU [...]
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