Fabio Masini

Contributions in this special issue argue make a number of points with regard to the urgent need to change the economic governance of the Eurozone, pointing at some tools to increase its spending capacity. The process of potential fragmentation ignited by the recent vote on Brexit make such changes even more urgent, signalling the need to provide concrete responses to citizens, in order to show that the euro area, and the EU at large, are able to satisfy some of their crucial needs. The papers which make up this special issue were presented in Florence, at a meeting held in the framework of a [...]

Alessandro D'Alfonso

This paper provides a general overview of the EU’s own resources system, and of the debate on its possible reform within the current legal framework. Two alternative reforms are discussed, along with their possible advantages and drawbacks: 1) a simplified system based only on a resource related to gross national income; and 2) the introduction of new genuine own resources and the possible elimination of some current own resources. The second option, which has long been called for by the European Parliament, is explored in further detail, with an overview of the potential candidates [...]
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