Jens Woelk

The thematic focus of this issue of Perspectives on Federalism shall analyse phenomena of pluralism in the judiciary of federal systems: ‘Jurisdiction and Pluralisms: Judicial Functions and Organisation in Federal Systems’.  It will focus on the degree to which legal and judicial pluralism is possible within the general legal system of the State. Particular attention will be paid to autonomous judicial powers and the organisation of the judiciary. An important question regards the interrelation with the principle of uniformity of the jurisdiction and the general legal system of th [...]

Endre Orbán

Ever since the European Union came into existence many theories have addressed the state of European integration. This paper tries to offer a further interpretation building on the principal-agent concept. The basic idea is expressed by the dilemma whether the EU should exclusively be seen as an agent of the Member States, or the situation is much more complex. The paper is going to detect three types of agency relationships within the European Union, and presents legal and political solutions of the founding treaties which aim to tackle the agency issues. Furthermore, the study analyzes tw [...]

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