Roberto Castaldi and Giuseppe Martinico

Brexit is closer now due to the bombastic victory of the Conservative Party at the British general election. However, this does not mean that its physiognomy is clear at all. No less interesting is its impact on the progress of European integration.

Demelsa Benito Sánchez

This paper aims at analysing the content of the PIF Directive and assessing its transposition into the Spanish Law. To achieve these objectives, this paper starts with a detailed study of the criminal law obligations enshrined in the PIF Directive. Then, these obligations are compared with the content of the Spanish criminal code, which has been modified in the last years (2010, 2015 and 2019) with the purpose, among others, of adapting the Spanish law to the EU requirements as regards the protection of the Union’s financial interests. The paper concludes, on the one side, that the PIF Direc [...]
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